A rare shade in its beauty. Image is worth 1000 words

Lighting fixture. Made of handmade Pyrex glass.
This lampshade is a unique and original item, hand-made and full of old-
But with today's technology, which ensures impeccable quality and durability for a long time.

The lampshade is an original work inspired by Judaism and Jewish lamps with a modern touch.
Outstanding item, suitable for home or business (bar, restaurant, etc.)
Can be made in all sizes and colors available on request.


Crystal Shell

The clam shell look of the Crystal Shell pendant is accentuated by the wavy edges and ice chunks of...


Each hole is delicately perforated, creating an open mesh texture in every Mod pendant.


The thick glass is rotated with stripes, which creates the shape of the "Drops" and...

Wrinkled Light

A long wrinkled glass strip that through a unique extrusion technique gives an illusion of broken...

The mad Hatter

The lamp is kind of prismatic glass which is rotated in the weighting process. The shape of the hat...

Lighting fixture in Granada

Granada - a golden lighting fixture inspired by the Spanish royal house

Lighting Fixtures. Made of hand-blown art glass. Granada is a Spanish-inspired gilded lighting...

Viola lighting fixture

A silver-plated viola inspired by the Renaissance

Lighting Fixtures. Which are made of hand-blown artistic Pyrex glass. It has a modern and beautiful...

Depends on an abstract conch wall

A lampshade with an authentic conch look

Lighting fixture An abstract shell. Made of hand-made Pyrex glass. Has an authentic conch look. A...

Cube lighting fixture

A royal lampshade with an occupying presence

Lighting fixture. Made of handmade Pyrex glass. A unique lighting fixture that covers the room in a...

Hanging ceiling spiral silver

A unique design shade with classic and impressive beauty.

Original lighting fixtures. Which are made of hand-blown art glass. A unique lighting fixture that...

Antique lighting fixture

Tubular lighting fixture with symbolism and strength.

Lighting fixture. Made of handmade Pyrex glass. Anatik is a tubular lighting fixture of symbolism...